Grandpa, Uncles, and Princesses ... Oh My!

Michelle posted this photo on Facebook and it melted my heart. What a wonderful family photo. The way Shelby is talking with Uncle Rino and how he's listening to her every word. Uncle Carson snuggling Rylee she looks so secure. Then we have Grandpa with Amelia  Rose who is blowing kisses at her cousin Rylee. If you take it all in, it's like a Norman Rockwell painting.  Beautiful family making beautiful memories. Thank you Michelle for posting the photo.

Russ Participating in Washing of the Feet ...

As part of Russ' indoctrination as a Deacon he is participating in church services during the Easter season. On Holy Thursday, Russ participated with Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron  in celebrating the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, where the Archbishop and cathedral rector Fr. J.J. Mech washed the feet of the faithful before sharing in holy Communion. ... to read more of the story click here.

Welcome to the Family Rylee Jordan Ferraro!

The Ferraro family has been blessed once again with a beautiful princess. Rylee Jordan joined the world on January 20, 2016. Rylee weighed in at 7 pounds 10 oz. and was 20 inches. From Michelle: "She's perfect and Our hearts are so full!" We are looking forward to getting to know Rylee and what type of personality she will have. Congratulations to Ryan and Michelle! To see more photos of Rylee click here

Matthew and Sarabeth's Wedding

Houston, Texas was the place to be on October 12, 2015. This was the day to celebrate Matthew and Sarabeth's wedding.  The wedding was held at Station 3, an old firehouse that has been renovated for venues with a beautiful overlook of downtown Houston. It was great to see so many family members come for the wedding and I really enjoyed all the visiting we got to do in the backyard on some of the best weather Houston gets. Matthew and Sarabeth went on to honeymoon in St. Lucia. For more photos of Matthew and Sarabeth's wedding click here.

SuperBowl Picks .... and the Winners are ...!


Here is the link to the SuperBowl Squares

First Quarter Winners 0-0:
Main Game: Trisha ~ $75
Bonus Game: Patty ~ $50

Second Quarter Winnerss 4-4
Main Game: Steve ~ $75
Bonus Game: Mom! ~ $50

Third Quarter Winners: 4-4 Again!
Main Game: Steve ~ $75
Bonus Game: Mom! ~ $50

Fourth Quarter Winners: 8-4
Main Game: Mom ~ $50, Sarabeth ~ $25
Bonus Game: Patty ~ $35, Amelia ~ $15

Congratulations Everyone! Don't forget to send your money to Steve.