Congratulations Michael!

On Friday, April 29th Michael graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. We're all so proud of you Michael. The ceremony was a wonderful event with the Dean of Arts and Sciences speaking of Green Eggs and Ham and relating it perfectly with life. Michael was rocking his bow tie and you could tell he was having a fun time the whole way through. I'm still waiting on the photos to be put in the dropbox, when that happens, I'll post more.

Flooding in Houston ...

     It's pretty amazing that all of the Ferraro's in our separate areas of town got lucky with the terrible flooding in Houston this past week. Schools were closed the whole week because it was pretty hard to get anywhere. Paul stayed home until Thursday ... Sunday night we got approximately 15 inches of rain. Monday morning kind of went like this:
Jo-Ann: "I don't think you should go to work because of all the flooding."
Paul: "It will be okay."
Jo-Ann: "Okay, well at least take my car which is a little higher. The news is telling people to not go anywhere if you don't have to."
Paul: Rolling his eyes at me. "It will be okay."
Jo-Ann: "Okay, Love you ... I'll see you in 15 minutes." (with a smirk on my face.)
4 minutes later  I hear the garage door open again.
Paul: "Couldn't get out of the subdivision. I'll work from home today."
     Patty did the smart thing when after getting to school they closed it, she started back home on Jones and Hwy. 6 ... realized it was getting too deep and pulled over to higher ground until Steve could "save" her.
     A lot of you know where Clay Road and Hwy. 6 are. This is our main outlet to get to the interstate and the rest of Houston ... well it has been closed since Monday and will probably be closed for 6-8 weeks. The videos are amazing. Bear Creek Golf Course is completely under water. The video below shows what is just about 2 miles down the road from us. The helicopters and planes that are flying over the house are like every 10 minutes, going down there to film.
     They say this is a 500 year flood. Where we as the Ferraro 7 lived in the 70's (Norchester Subdivision) some people had water up to their countertops. Boats were going into the subdivision rescuing people.
     Like I said, it's pretty amazing, with how spread out we all are, none of us had any damage.

6th Margaritas for Mom Day

It's hard to believe that it's been 6 years now since Mom died. We are keeping the tradition going by having our 6th Margarita for Mom day. This year we went to Pappasitos (Mom liked this Houston Mexican Restaurant). Steve, Patty and I got there first and the waiter, Tony, asked if it was a special occasion. I said "Yes, we are celebrating the life of our Mom who died 6 years ago today." He said he was sorry for our loss and I told him no worries, this was a celebration of her life. Definitely felt Mom's presence while we were laughing and drinking margaritas. Towards the end of our dinner Tony came over and gave us a complimentary (very big) dessert to celebrate Mom. He came over to me and said he was sorry for our loss and he could relate. I said Mom would have loved the dessert tray and she was smiling down on us. He told me his Mom was smiling down with Mom too. LOL I thought that was very nice of him. Although we miss her every single day, I really do believe in celebrating her life and living by the lessons she taught us. Love ya's! Jo-Ann